Skin Peels

A peel involves applying a chemical solution to the skin to remove the top layers of dead skin cells and stimulate new, fresh skin cells to grow. The can be used to treat a variety of conditions. The Mesoestetic peels have minimal downtime and usually a course of peels can help you achieve any of the following

-       improve general texture of the skin

-       soften wrinkles

-       unify skin tone

-       lighten pigmented lesions

-       reduce acne

-       improved pore size



Glycolic acid - treats general skin tone and texture as well as sun damage

Salicylic acid - is best for oily, acne prone skin and enlarged pores

Modified Jessner' Peel - is a gentle peel, best for pigmentation and lentigo



Cosmelan is more than a peel. It is an investment in your skin. An intensive peel, followed by an at home maintenance plan, Cosmelan removes and then inhibits melanin (pigment in your skin). It is an excellent treatment for sun induced pigmentation as well as hormonally induced melasma. 

Cosmelan before and after

Cosmelan before and after


Our Cosmelan treatment.....

is like no other.

You are reviewed by a specialist dermatologist to ensure this is the right treatment for you. Your skin is prepared with a gentle pre-peel, which improves the penetration and effects of Cosmelan. Cosmelan is then applied in rooms. You are provided with 

- Cosmelan 2 for at home use

- Hydratonic cleanser and toner

- Mesoestetic SPF50+

- Hydravital factor K

- Post procedure fast skin repair

- 2 x Healite (LED light) treatments

Through out the process you are reviewed by both our specialist registered nurse and consultant dermatologist.

  • No referral is required for this treatment