Coastal Cosmetic Clinic

Catering to all of your injectable needs, Nurse Brittany, is an enthusiastic and qualified registered nurse. All patients are consulted in person by both Brittany and Dr Davidson. She offers appointments fortnightly on a Wednesday and after hours on Tuesday for your convenience.

For further enquiries her contact details are


Dermal Filler

  • 1ml lip filler $500

  • 1ml volume filler $550 - $600


  • Type B - $12/unit

  • Type D - $3.90/unit


Kleresca has arrived at GCDC

Kleresca is a topical therapy for the treatment of acne. It utilises a biophotonic sensitiser which is absorbs and converts LED light,  both destroy acne, reduce inflammation, increase collagen build up and reduce the scarring caused by inflammatory acne. 

The treatment involves 12 treatments over a 6 week period. Your face is cleansed, the Kleresca Gel is applied to your face and then our are exposed to LED light for 9 minutes. The treatment is not painful and the best effects are seen through out the first 6 weeks, but are often maximal at the 18 week mark. 

Kleresca is suitable for many acne sufferers, particularly those with inflammatory acne (as opposed to comedonal acne) and for patients who are not wanting or not able to take medications. 


Excessive underarm sweating?? 

We are currently recruiting patients to participate in a trial comparing two different treatments for underarm sweating. 

If excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) is something that you suffer from, and you would be interested in participating in a trial for it, please consider the following:


  • will be required for ~ 5 visits over a period of 4 - 5 months

  • must be over 18 years of age

  • must not have received injections for sweating previously

  • must not have an iodine or gold allergy

  • are comfortable to shave underarms

If you fit these criteria and would like more information, please email so that we can provide you with further information.


End of Summer sale 

Summer's over and you might have gotten a little too much sun. Pigmentation, melasma and freckles are more evident and they are going to take a long time too fade, or may not at all in our Queensland climate. Cosmelan is an intensive peeling system. Usually, the peel and home therapy kit retails for $1250 (inc GST) but we are currently having an end of Summer sale for $990 (inc GST)

This includes

  • in rooms application of Cosmelan 1

  • Cosmelan 2 for at home use

  • Hydratonic cleanser and toner

  • Mesoestetic SPF50+

  • Hydravital factor K

  • Post procedure fast skin repair

  • 2 x Healite (LED light) treatments

No referral is required for this treatment, if you would like to book in please email or phone 07 5538 8966